Digital Transformation

We work with our clients & partners on Digital transformation in a unique framework, that focuses on understanding your business and people. We invest in understanding your current and future strategic objectives. We understand that transformation requires changes in culture, competencies, processes, models, and strategies.

Our diversified teams work with an ecosystem approach that takes a holistic view towards transformation, driven by centralized data intelligence, that is core to the ecosystem.

Research and Innovation

Research and innovation required to challenge the status quo of processes, people, systems and the way business is pursued. Our team works on creating a culturally conducive environment that allows the culture of failing fast and to imagine leveraging the native intelligence of your people. We help set up research & innovation labs within or outside your business environment to help build IP and Patents.

Value Engg. and Consulting

Our consulting teams, work towards achieving results for you, we do not stop at advising. We invest deeply in understanding your problems, and the value of those problems to your organization, business, and people. Our solutions are hyper-personalized for creating more meaningful value in a top-down approach, for deeper and long-lasting results. We work right across a strategy to the last mile execution teams, towards setting goals at each level and designing systems and processes to pursue the goals.

Talent Discovery

Our flagship framework SAAF (Skill Assure Assessment Framework) is a multidimensional assessment framework for discovering the innate talent of an individual, towards the best fitment for the career to be pursued. Discovery program gives a whole spectrum view to the individuals and during the program, based on each one’s potential, we discover and recommend the right fitment. With over a decade of experience, in assessing about a million people, we have been told over and over again, “Discovery led to discovering myself”.

Experiential learning

Experiential learning, driven by our flagship brand SkillAssure, helps businesses with deep expertise in talent discovery, talent acceleration, and deployment. Our global diversified teams collaborate on our learning cloud with industry experts and solve domain intensive real problems.

Startup Acceleration

Pratian accelerator is a global accelerator that provides a nurturing holistic environment for startups to attain their maximum potential. Our industry experts and mentors work with the startup teams in a hyper-personalized environment.

We work with startups primarily in the technology space and provide support for mentoring, strategic leadership, talent, marketing, sales, co-working space, legal, finance, business, and governance.