Portfolio & Partners

Pratian Holdings through its strategic & financial investments is forming a ‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam’ of ‘Digital Disruptors’ and accelerating them towards the common goal of establishing a ‘Param Vaibhav Bharat’.


SkillAssure helps us to create a real-world class workforce to provide a highly scalable, very robust and truly reliable solution for our global clientele. SkillAssure also serves as a very socially responsible initiative.

It has over the years churned about 15,000 graduates to be Ready-To-Deploy (RTD) professionals. It helps to transform young students into a real-world class workforce to provide solutions for the global market.


Arbinger is a one of a kind institute in the world which provides training, consulting, coaching, and implementation tools that move individuals, teams, and organizations from the default self-focus they call an inward mindset to the results to focus of an outward mindset.

Arbinger’s programs and methodology are based on 45 years of research in the psychology of human behavior and motivation, and more than 35 years of experience working with organizations worldwide.

Talencia global

Talencia Global is a preferred staffing solutions provider to many large product development and fortune 1000 companies.

We source premier talent - qualified, proven professionals who will propel your business forward.

Our contract, as well as long-term staffing solutions, cover technical and functional roles across business verticals. Our partners count on us on our speed, customization, analysis, and thoughtful staffing process.


ZingUpLife (ZUL) is India's first curated wellness engagement and advisory platform, and the World's first ISO 26000 verified health & wellness company.

ZUL is on a mission to provide easy and effectual access to better personal wellbeing across multiple dimensions. The AI Powered Tech Platform is enabling people to adopt a multi-dimensional wellness system as their Way of Life.

The leadership team comprises of senior professionals from the IT industry who have worked in very challenging environments leading large teams and have a thorough understanding of workplace stress and lifestyle related disorders. With their team of Wellness experts, they are designing wellness models which are practical and sustainable for the industry and working professionals to adopt. With its holistic approach to wellness and expertise in aggregating all kinds of resources critical to sustainable wellness, ZUL is well poised to emerge as a leading player in the wellness landscape in India.


Innov4Sight Health is a multi-award winning full-stack technology Company working on Sexual Wellness, Reproductive Health, and Infertility Care.

The flagship products of the Company include Biologically Active Peptides Concentrate (BAP.C) - a personalized autologous therapeutics solution for addressing reproductive health of Couples and Fertilator - a medical training simulator cum treatment planning system for enabling adoption of Evidence-Based Medicine.


Green Tick™ is a food tech company pioneering an innovative platform for “Quality and Compliance” with a vision to ensure safety, hygiene and health for millions of consumers in the fast-growing food industry.

Green Tick™ is focusing on revolutionizing food safety through its ultra-simple 'intelligent' solution built by adopting Global Standards and Models powered by futuristic and cutting-edge technologies.

An eclectic mix of Scientists, Entrepreneurs, Technology Experts from the FMCG, Food and Information Technology Industries have come together in this mission to enable Digital Transformation in the food industry.

Netlabs Global

Netlabs Global (NLG) is an IT Infratech startup based in Bengaluru, India. The core team has deep expertise in building and managing Data Centres from ground up, Virtualization, Clustering & Server management, Storage, Security, Cloud, IaaS, ITSM, Infrastructure Analytics, Networking, Managing HIPAA compliant data platforms, SOC and other security levels, network monitoring, firewalls, cybersecurity, ethical hacking and hyper storage optimization. With its dedicated team of highly skilled professionals who have diverse experience from working in small teams to managing large global teams, Netlabs is well poised to be a major player in emerging technologies and integration services using its Agile Delivery Model.

Through its breakthrough innovation in storage management and service delivery models, Netlabs is well poised to disrupt the pricing models in the end to end managed services for small and medium businesses. NLG serves its enterprise customers by combining Industry 4.0 technologies with IT Infratech to create an altogether different value proposition for its customers in the next decade of exponential disruption.

Network Labs

Network Labs (NWL) is a niche Training, Talent Discovery & Competencies Development company specializing in IT Infrastructure Management Services, Cloud and Security.

The technology team at NWL leverages its extensive experience of working on complex mission critical projects across global geographies, to create high impact experiential learning programs in the areas of Data Centre Management, Virtualization, Storage, Security, Cloud, IaaS, ITSM, Infrastructure Analytics, Networking, and other allied products services. The Talent Accelerator Programs are designed to be delivered through Instructor Led, Virtual and Blended Learning models backed by a complete Digital Learning Platform to address the needs of both the Enterprise and Retail customer segments.

Network Labs Talent Discovery Programs are the perfect fit for enterprises seeking to hire 'right-fit' talent who are deployable on projects from Day One of hiring. The Talent Accelerators run by NWL are an ideal fit for campus minds seeking high-end jobs in the industry. With an extensive network of 200+ academic institutions, in 16+ states, NWL is the preferred Talent Acquisition partner for major Global IT Enterprises in India. Having rapidly skilled 10,000+ professionals in the industry, NWL is now expanding its footprint to other global geographies.


Franklin Covey says 'begin with the end in mind'. A fusion of mind, body & spirit happened with coming together of SOBUS (Art of Living) & Pratian Technologies in the formation of S.P.A.C.E (Sobus Pratian Alliance for Conscious Enterprise) creating India's largest Social Innovation Hub.

S.P.A.C.E is enabling changemakers to build sustainable conscious enterprises.